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chicken essence has become a necessary seasoning for every household. Before the birth of chicken essence, we have been using monosodium glutamate to adjust fresh. Before the invention of monosodium glutamate, did you know what it was used? Mushroom powder?


monosodium glutamate was born in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. Its main ingredient is sodium glutamate. Before the birth of monosodium glutamate, there was no condiment that could freshen food. In fact, we can understand that before the 20th century, the vast majority of people were enjoying natural food, and natural food contains a large number of delicious amino acids which were only known to us in modern times. Today’s people eat food, either through long-term storage or complex deep processing, the original taste has been seriously lost, so seasoning is needed to enhance the value of food.

later, it was found that excessive consumption of sodium glutamate would affect human health, so some manufacturers launched the so-called “chicken essence” products. In fact, we found that the main ingredient of chicken essence is still “glutamic acid sodium”. Unlike MSG, chicken essence has been added with some edible essence and pigment, and some processing techniques have been changed, so that chicken essence looks more like chicken powder shape. And its essence is still monosodium glutamate (sodium glutamate)!


sodium glutamate, a necessary amino acid in human body, is combined with sodium ion, which is delicious. Years of use, so that people have been inseparable from a condiment to make food fresh. Since monosodium glutamate is the same as chicken essence, is there a natural food that can replace them in nature? The answer is yes!


dried mushroom powder is the best choice. Dried mushrooms contain a large number of glutamic acid and aspartic acid, these two amino acids have a strong taste, and it is in the form of protein in the mushroom, so it will not harm the human body. At the same time, dried mushroom powder also contains other essential amino acids, rich in nutrition! When


are used, the dried mushroom powder can be sprinkled on the cooked food to improve the freshness. But because its freshness is not as good as monosodium glutamate and chicken powder, it can be increased appropriately when using. In addition, we should pay attention to the moisture-proof when storing, otherwise the mushroom powder is not the powder, but the mushroom paste.

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