I won’t say much about the importance of

protein to our human body. Do you know how much protein you need every day? Do you know how much food you can get these proteins from? From the perspective of life, this article will tell you how much protein your body needs every day and from which foods you can get these proteins!

let’s take Ms. Zhang of 50kg as an example:

the protein needed by human body every day = body weight kg × 1.18g/kg

. Therefore, the protein mass required by Miss Zhang every day: 50kg × 1.18g/kg = 59G

. How much food does Miss Zhang need to get these proteins?

rice (steamed): 2.5g/100g

steamed bread (steamed): 7.0g/100g

eggs (mean value): 13.3g/100g

tofu skin: 44.6g/100g

pork (average): 13.2g/100g

steamed bread (steamed): 7.0g/100g

eggs (average): 13.3g/100g

pork (average): 13.2g/100g

so if Miss Zhang ate

every day

two steamed bread (4 liang) = 14g protein


one egg (50g) = 7g protein


2 pieces of tofu skin (2 liang) = 44.6g protein


total: 65.6g protein / day

Miss Zhang needs 59G protein / day. According to the digestibility of protein, 98% of animal food and 90% of bean products can basically meet Miss Zhang’s daily protein requirement by ensuring the above quantity and quality of food. The purpose of this article is to let you know how much food we need to eat every day to meet our body’s protein needs.


also tell us that it is not difficult to ensure protein intake. As long as we carefully match our diet every day, there is no need to take or buy health products.


balanced nutrition, is the king!

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