went shopping in the supermarket today and bought some red dates. In spring health, eating more dates can raise the spleen and stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sweet food into the spleen, can tonify the spleen, and jujube is sweet and flat, which is most suitable for health preservation in spring. There is also a saying among Chinese people: eating three jujubes a day makes you young but not old.

eat jujube to prevent asthma

spring is the season of allergic asthma. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that jujube has the effect of Nourishing Organs, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening yang and generating fluid. Eating more dates can play a certain role in preventing asthma. Asthma patients, especially older patients, should adhere to eating steamed jujube every day, generally eat 5 jujube, 8 small jujube, in order to improve the spirit and enhance the body immunity. Various eating methods and effects of


jujube and Auricularia auricula are steamed to eat.


have a snack, which can be eaten once a day after breakfast and dinner. It has the effect of retaining the face and removing spots, building and enriching muscles, and can relieve facial black spots and thin shape. It is steamed red dates and Auricularia. Choose 10 jujube, 15 grams of black fungus, rock sugar. Jujube should be soaked in water for about 2 hours, and Auricularia auricula can be soaked in water. Put them in a bowl, add water, rock sugar, steaming for about 1 hour, very delicious.

sleep aid — eat some jujube honey cream.

if sleep is not good at night, drink soup and eat jujube before going to bed, which can accelerate the effect of falling asleep. Prepare two catties of red jujube, wash and remove the core, mash the meat, add appropriate amount of water, fry with slow fire, filter the juice, mix in 500g honey, mix well on the fire, take jujube paste, bottle for standby. Take 15 ml each time, 2 times a day, continuously finish, can prevent insomnia.


cathartic – jujube japonica rice porridge.

if you have constipation, you can drink some red dates and japonica rice porridge sooner or later. Ingredients include red dates, japonica rice, Angelica sinensis and sugar. First, soak Angelica sinensis in warm water for a moment, then add water to fry into thick juice. After slag removal, add appropriate amount of water together with japonica rice, red dates and sugar, and cook until porridge is formed. This porridge has the functions of moistening the intestines and defecation, tonifying blood and regulating menstruation, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. It is more suitable for people with constipation, deficiency of Qi and blood and irregular menstruation.


nourish the stomach — jujube ginger tea.


have a good effect of nourishing the stomach. You can prepare half a catty of red dates and ginger, and then mash liquorice, clove and agarwood into powder, and then add salt, 15 to 25 grams each time, fry in the morning or soak in water instead of tea, several times a day. It has the effect of nourishing blood, invigorating stomach and calming nerves.


moisten the skin — jujube and job’s tears soup.

a delicious soup recommended to you. Choose 15 red jujube, prepare a handful of Coix seed, white fruit 15g (shelled and stripped), 10g longan meat, put them into the pot together and cook for 40 minutes, add 6 quail eggs to cook, cook for half an hour, add appropriate amount of brown sugar or rock sugar.


often drink this decoction can make the skin less acne, acne, etc., and has the effect of moistening the skin.


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