in recent years, the survey of women found that more and more women advocate vegetarianism, because “eating meat makes you fat”, many women will show a “negative resistance” attitude towards meat food. But in fact, for women, meat is an indispensable and important food to maintain health. Japanese economic news article, let you know the indispensable meat for women’s health.

do not eat meat is easy to cause a variety of health problems.

with the continuous high temperature in summer, many women began to feel that there are some physical and mental health problems, perhaps these are not all due to lack of protein. From the perspective of medicine, Naoko Chung, director of the health management center of Kawasaki southern hospital in Japan, analyzed the importance of meat to women’s health. “The protein in meat is essential for women’s health,” she said. Recently, there are more and more women with insufficient protein intake. About a quarter of women suffer from anemia, which is called protein deficiency anemia. With the increase of temperature in summer and the increase of physical strength, we should also increase and pay attention to the intake of meat For women who don’t eat meat or eat less meat, the lack of protein may lead to the following situations:

. First, not eating meat is prone to anemia symptoms

In general, female anemia is often considered as iron deficiency anemia, but in fact, it may be caused by protein deficiency, rather than iron deficiency anemia. Women in menstrual period due to blood loss, the loss of not only iron, but also a part of the protein will be lost at the same time. After anemia symptoms appear in


, it is the mainstream idea that “anemia should be supplemented with enough iron”. However, it is not only iron, but also protein. Meat, eggs, fish and shellfish are all sources of high-quality protein. For women, eating red meat can not only supplement iron, but also supplement protein. Why not?

2. Women who lack protein tend to feel tired and irritable.

with the continuation of hot and humid weather, “always feel very unhappy”, “even if you sleep for a long time at night, you will still feel tired during the day.” Naoko Chung believes that if you are a vegetarian, it may also be caused by a lack of protein. The essential amino acids contained in


meat can help hepatocyte regeneration. Once the liver function is low, estrogen and thyroid hormone can not be decomposed in the liver, and then remain among them, leading to fatigue, anxiety and other symptoms. In addition, the content of essential amino acids in meat is relatively balanced. Compared with other sources of protein, it can increase human endurance and play an anti fatigue role. However, the high temperature in summer will not only reduce people’s food intake, but also tend to tilt towards carbohydrates in the diet structure. If such a day lasts for a period of time, people will be easily in a state of insufficient protein unconsciously. Therefore, women should be more conscious of meat supplement in summer.

3. Lean meat is actually a powerful partner to help lose weight.

many women don’t eat meat for simple reasons: they will gain weight. It is generally recognized that meat contains a lot of fat, and eating more meat is easy to gain weight, but in fact, lean meat has a certain contribution to reduce subcutaneous fat. The amino acids in red meat contribute to fat burning. Zhongzhimeizi recommends that people who lose weight should choose lean sirloin or lean calf meat, reduce carbohydrate intake, and increase physical exercise to prevent rebound. In this way, they can lose weight successfully and healthily!

want to make delicious meat, cooking skills!

1. The organic acids and oil in sugar and fruit can make meat softer.

in the process of cooking meat, often fried for a long time, the meat is old and hard to chew. How can we cook fresh and soft meat? The answer is: skillfully use a variety of seasonings, of which sugar, fruit and oil are the most commonly used ingredients and seasonings for meat cooking. Sugar is hydrophilic, which can penetrate the muscle tissue of meat, while retaining moisture, so as to keep the meat soft after cooking; the organic acid contained in acid fruit can keep meat moisture well in acidic environment; and oil has good thermal conductivity, which can let heat quickly penetrate into the meat, so that the meat can be cooked in a short time, while keeping fresh and tender Meat quality. When cooking meat, you might as well make more use of these ingredients.

2. When cooking meat at 65 ℃, the temperature is a very important factor. Keeping the meat center at 65 ℃ can keep the moisture in the meat and make a soft and delicious meat dish. When the temperature is 65 ℃, the meat will be squeezed out of the meat, and the meat will be hard when the temperature is higher than 65 ℃. Therefore, when making meat dishes, when you see the meat juice, you should stir fry or turn a noodle in time. When the other noodles also have the gravy seeping, it means that the meat is already cooked. At this time, the meat on the plate is the most delicious.

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