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cabbage is rich in vitamins, often eat can improve immunity

cabbage, also known as cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, lotus white, etc., its nature is flat, sweet taste, can ease pain, nourish the stomach and spleen, but also can nourish the bone marrow, moisten the viscera, benefit the heart, strengthen the muscles and bones, benefit organs, dispel the stagnation of Qi, clear away heat and relieve pain. It is mainly used to treat poor sleep, dreaminess, hearing loss, joint flexion and extension, epigastric pain and other diseases.


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from the perspective of nutrition, the nutritional value of cabbage is almost the same as that of Chinese cabbage, and the content of vitamin C is about twice as high. In addition, cabbage is rich in folic acid, which is an advantage of cabbage vegetables, so pregnant women and anemia patients should eat more cabbage. Eating cabbage often can improve human immunity, prevent cold, and ensure the quality of life of cancer patients. In addition, cabbage is rich in vitamin U, which has a good therapeutic effect on gastric ulcer, can accelerate wound healing, and is an effective food for patients with gastric ulcer.


cabbage is more delicious.

hand torn cabbage is a very common dish in restaurants. Why should we tear the cabbage by hand? In fact, there are two main reasons for this:

. First, “tear” or “break” vegetables are different from knife cut ones. The cut sections are smooth and smooth, while the “torn” sections are irregular, rough and uneven. In this way, the contact area between vegetables and seasoning will increase during frying or pickling, making them easier to taste, easier to hang juice, and naturally more delicious. Second, the knives are usually metal products, so there is no need to cut them. As the old saying goes, it is to avoid being stained with “iron smell”, which is conducive to maintaining the color and crisp taste of vegetables. From the point of view of nutrition, hand tearing vegetables can avoid metal cutting tools to accelerate the oxidation of vitamin C in vegetables and reduce nutrition.

1. After washing the cabbage, tear it into small pieces by hand, chop the garlic, cut the dry pepper into two sections, wash the pork and cut it into thin slices for use;

2. Put appropriate amount of oil in the pan, fry the pork in low heat, then put in a little salt and then put it out

3. Leave the bottom oil in the pan, put the pepper, garlic and Zanthoxylum in the pan, fry it at a low heat to give the fragrance, then put in the cabbage, stir fry until it is half cooked, stir fry the pork, cook the cooking wine and oyster sauce, stir fry evenly, and then get out of the pot.

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