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is very important for diabetic patients. No matter what method or medicine you use in the treatment of diabetes, you should insist on long-term diet treatment. Diet is also one of the most fundamental methods for the treatment of diabetes. Diabetic patients in this respect must be combined with their own actual situation to do a good job of regulation.

diabetic diet should pay attention to what? 1. A small amount of multiple meals of


is a good dietary habit for diabetic patients, which can stabilize blood glucose level, avoid blood glucose fluctuation, and make blood glucose neither too high nor too low. To be specific, the eating method of “no less than 3 meals a day and no more than 100 grams of staple food per meal” should be achieved. Those who eat more than 400 grams of staple food every day would prefer to eat more than one meal. What should the diet of

diabetic patients pay attention to? 2. Control total calories

the diet control of diabetic patients is not only the staple food control as some people understand, but also includes the comprehensive control of non-staple food, especially meat, fat and other high calorie foods, so as to keep the daily intake of calories at an appropriate level, so as to control blood sugar and weight. What should the diet of

diabetic patients pay attention to? 3. The alcohol contained in


does not contain any other nutrients, but only heat energy. The heat production per gram of alcohol is about 7 kilocalories (294 chars). Long term drinking is not conducive to the liver, and it is easy to cause the increase of serum triglyceride. A few patients with hypoglycemia after drinking on an empty stomach, so it is better not to drink for safety. What should the diet of

diabetic patients pay attention to? Reasonable diet of


can protect islet function, help patients achieve and maintain good metabolic control, make blood glucose, urine glucose and blood lipid levels reach or close to normal, so as to reduce the risk of complications. In addition, a balanced diet suitable for patients also helps to maintain health and engage in normal activities and improve the quality of life.

diabetic diet should do the following four principles

1, reasonable diet. Each meal should be rich in primary and secondary food, including staple food, non-staple food and soup, and high fiber food should be selected.


2. The ratio of early, middle and late meals should be 1:2:2. Under the condition of not changing the total calorie intake, the appropriate meal can be added between two meals and before going to bed. Light diet, not salty or sweet.



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