with the voice of an angel, Yao Beina died of recurrence of breast cancer, women once again focus on the “female health killer” – breast cancer. In recent years, the incidence rate and mortality rate of breast cancer have gradually increased. It is no longer a “patent” for elderly women, or even a patent for women. How can we prevent breast cancer? What can you eat to prevent breast cancer? Today, health.com checked several kinds of drinks that often cause misunderstanding for netizens, so as to help us understand the key points of diet to prevent breast cancer.


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women drinking soybean milk is beneficial to prevent breast cancer.

since a few years ago, many topics related to soybean milk have been popular on the Internet, such as “women who often drink soy milk are prone to breast cancer”, “men often drink soy milk to be careful to become women”. In fact, these are all misunderstandings about soy milk. As a kind of soybean products, soybean milk contains the best quality of plant protein. Soybean protein is also the only kind of plant protein listed as high-quality protein. In addition, soybean milk also contains a variety of bioactive substances such as soybean glycans and soybean isoflavones, which is beneficial to human health. It is wildly reported on the Internet that soybean isoflavone in soybean is a kind of estrogen. Drinking a lot of soybean milk may lead to excessive intake of soybean isoflavone, affect the human body’s own hormone secretion, lead to hormone secretion disorder and induce breast cancer.


in fact, the so-called phytoestrogens and human estrogen are different, there is no direct relationship between phytoestrogens and breast cancer. In 2012, experts from the United States and China jointly investigated 9154 breast cancer patients. The results showed that there was no difference in breast cancer mortality between the group who drank soy milk more than 10 mg a day and the group that did not drink Soybean milk. However, the recurrence rate of breast cancer in the group who drank soybean milk more than 10 mg per day was significantly lower. In addition, according to a number of international studies conducted in different regions of the world for a large number of people, it is found that soy isoflavones have significant preventive and therapeutic effects on the occurrence and development of breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers. A comparative study shows that the higher the level of intake of soy products and isoflavones, the lower the incidence rate of these cancers. Soybean also has a significant preventive effect on breast cancer in premenopausal women.

women drink more green tea can also help prevent breast cancer.

if we talk about the globally recognized anti-cancer beverage, it must be green tea, which is recognized as one of the healthiest drinks in the world. According to the analysis, there are more than 300 kinds of chemical components in tea, such as protein, fat, amino acid, carbohydrate, vitamin and tea polyphenol, tea element, aromatic oil, lipopolysaccharide and so on. All of them are important nutrients and medicinal substances indispensable to human body and have different functions. Tea polyphenols can block the synthesis of various carcinogens, such as ammonium nitrite, in vivo, and can directly kill cancer cells and improve the immune capacity of the body. According to relevant data, tea polyphenols in tea are beneficial to the prevention and adjuvant treatment of various cancers such as gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer. In addition, green tea itself does not contain carbohydrates, fat and protein. As long as it is not artificially added, it does not contain excess energy, and will not bring additional energy intake to the human body. It is one of the most healthy and reliable anti-cancer drinks. When women choose their drinks, they may as well give priority to green tea.

adult women drinking milk has no clear effect on breast.

for women, in addition to soybean milk, milk is also a very friendly food. Milk contains high quality protein, vitamin A and rich calcium. For menopausal and menopausal women, it is an effective way to prevent osteoporosis by drinking milk supplement calcium. In addition, stearate, lactase, conjugated linoleic acid and bovine ferritin are found in milk, which can induce apoptosis of breast cancer cells, reduce the size of breast tumor and the incidence of breast cancer. In fact, it has been found that drinking milk in infants and children has an antagonistic effect on breast cancer in the future, and has some protective effect on the breast. However, it has been found in many studies that high intake of animal fat will increase breast density, which is a risk factor for the occurrence and recurrence of breast cancer. A study on carcinogen induced breast tumor in adult rats found that if the ovaries were removed, the number and size of breast tumors in rats would be reduced. However, if the ovariectomized rats were fed with milk, the incidence, number and size of breast tumors induced by carcinogens were increased. Therefore, it is better for women to choose low-fat or skim milk for drinking milk. Low calorie diet has been proved to help prevent breast cancer. >>>Go to the next page,

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