has a variety of fruits in our life, each kind of fruit has a lot of benefits for our body, but to make these fruits play an effective role, we still need to eat correctly. When eating each kind of fruit, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. Only by understanding these can we eat correctly, and also can we make the effect of fruits play a better role What are the seven taboos of eating Durian? What are the seven taboos of


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there are a lot of things to pay attention to when eating each kind of fruit, durian is no exception. Understanding these taboos can help us eat durian correctly, and our body will get more benefits. For these, we must understand and master, the specific is as follows:

1. You should know that when eating durian, you can’t eat it with coke. After eating durian, you can’t drink coke. Because Coke contains a kind of carbonated beverage with caffeine, it’s easy to cause heart disease and sudden death symptoms if you eat it with durian.

2, but also pay attention to is not allowed to eat with eggplant, because eggplant and durian eat together is very easy to cause symptoms of fire, is very bad for the body.

3. Patients with kidney disease and heart disease are also not allowed to eat durian, mainly because durian contains high potassium content. If people with skin diseases, as well as asthma, laryngitis and tracheitis, should also pay attention not to eat durian, otherwise it will only aggravate the development of the disease. Pay attention to durian is not allowed to eat with crabs, easy to cause stomach discomfort symptoms, so remember not to eat with crabs.

6. We should also pay attention not to eat with mangosteen, which is easy to cause constipation. Both mangosteen and durian contain cellulose, which are easy to absorb water and swell in the intestines and stomach. If you eat too much, you will also cause intestinal obstruction and cause constipation. We should also pay attention not to eat with milk, too much caffeine will cause blood pressure rise, resulting in sudden death of heart disease, if you like to drink milk, if you eat with durian, you must go to the regular hospital for gastric lavage in time.

for the above we must bear in mind, otherwise it will not only have a great impact on the role of durian, but will make our body appear some adverse reactions, in order to avoid these pain, we should have a good understanding of these taboos. What are the seven taboos of


eating Durian? This is a problem that everyone is very concerned about, because it affects the role of durian. I believe you will not feel strange about durian. There are many taboos when you don’t eat a kind of fruit that can be seen everywhere in the market. It needs to be understood that only when it is eaten correctly can it play an effective role. The above introduction, hoping to help To everyone.

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