everyone knows that chicken soup has high nutritional value and is the holy product of nourishing. However, not everyone can drink chicken soup, and some people drink chicken soup will bring bad effects.


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the first kind: the


chicken soup contains fat components in patients with hyperlipidemia. After drinking, the fat in the chicken soup is absorbed, and the cholesterol in the body will gradually increase. High cholesterol will be deposited in the vascular intima, it is easy to cause coronary atherosclerosis and other diseases.

the second kind: hypertension patients

if you have hypertension disease, then don’t drink chicken soup, because excessive drinking chicken soup will not only cause arteriosclerosis, but also make blood pressure rise, it is difficult to drop.


the third kind: the ingredients in


chicken soup can stimulate gastric acid secretion. If you are a patient with gastric ulcer, excessive gastric acid and gastric bleeding, you should not drink chicken soup.

the fourth kind: biliary disease

if you are cholecystitis and gallstone patients, you should not drink too much chicken soup. Because chicken soup contains fat, need bile to assist digestion, drinking a lot of chicken soup will stimulate gallbladder contraction, which is very easy to induce cholecystitis.

the fifth kind: renal insufficiency

how you have renal insufficiency symptoms, that also try not to drink chicken soup. Although the protein content in chicken soup is relatively small, it is not suitable for patients with acute nephritis, acute and chronic renal insufficiency and uremia. Because the liver and kidney can not deal with the protein decomposition products in time, excessive consumption of chicken soup will not only cause hyperazotemia, but also aggravate the disease.


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