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family reunion, entertaining relatives and friends, Chinese people always have a fish on the table, and there are a variety of fish on the market, which cooking method is more appropriate?


fish with more fat are suitable for roasting, such as eel, saury, etc., which can produce unique aroma and flavor. Before roasting, it can be placed in a ventilated place to dry the skin of the fish, which will be easier to bake. Also pay attention to the heat when grilling fish, try not to scorch. Squeeze a little lemon juice on the fish to taste better.

most of the fish can be stewed in brown sauce. It is suitable for both fish with relatively heavy fishy smell and light fish. The former can cover up the fishy smell by braising, while the latter is cooked according to the taste of consumers. In addition, the freshness of the fish can also choose braised. But carp, silver carp, silver carp, grass carp and hairtail have better flavor.

slow stew

Monopterus albus, black fish, crucian carp, COD, etc. taste delicious, the meat is relatively tight, so it is suitable for stewing. Misgurnus anguillicaudatus may have parasites, so it’s safer to stew them. When stewing fish, can add a few pieces of tofu, not only delicious, the two amino acids have complementary effect, and fish vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in tofu.


fish soup is always delicious, and the fish used for soup are large yellow croaker, mandarin fish and crucian carp. Mandarin fish and crucian carp are freshwater fish with tender meat, fine quality, high nutritional value and high soup yield, which are especially suitable for patients, the elderly and puerpera. Crucian carp soup before the best to fry in the oil, otherwise the skin is easy to break. In addition, you can also add some white radish seasoning.


steamed high-end fish


high-end fish are most suitable for steaming, such as mandarin fish, shaddock, perch and so on. This kind of fish has its own unique delicious flavor, and the meat quality is relatively delicate. Steaming can maintain the original flavor of fish. Heat is the key to steamed fish. Like many steamed dishes, the water in the pot must be boiled before the fish is put into the pot.


many fish cooking pretreatment will be used in oil frying, such as braised, soup. Before frying the fish, you can apply a thin layer of salt on the fish, marinate the small fish for 5 minutes and the large fish for about 10 minutes, so that the skin will not be broken after frying. In addition, after the pan is heated, rub the bottom of the pot with ginger, and then put the fish after the oil is hot, which can also prevent the fish from breaking or peeling when frying.

raw food

raw food is the best choice of marine fish, because generally its parasites are less. However, not any sea fish can be eaten raw. It is best to choose tuna, red sea bream and salmon, which are characterized by good color, aroma and taste. You can dip it in mustard or soy sauce. It should be reminded that the fish must be fresh and safe to eat raw.

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