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potato Porphyra absorbs strong liquor and vinegar can neutralize


soup salty, learn to add some ingredients


national senior cooking technician Zhao Liang

when cooking, accidentally add more salt; when cooking, shake hands, put more vinegar. It is not uncommon that cooking is too salty, too sour, too oily and too spicy. How to save these “failed” dishes?

is too salty, put potato chips. Potatoes can absorb salt, but do not damage the original taste of soup or vegetables, can be peeled into slices, a minute to put a piece, until the soup salinity is appropriate. Don’t cut the potato chips too thin to avoid boiling. You can also put two boiled yolks, or a whole egg, in the soup. Some people like to add sugar and cover the salty taste with sweetness, but it is easy to eat too much sugar in this way.


are too greasy. Add laver. When the soup is too oily, a little laver can be roasted on the fire, crushed and sprinkled into the soup. Or properly add agaric, eggplant, wax gourd, radish and other oil absorbing vegetables.


are too sour. Pour liquor. Wine can reduce the taste of vinegar, because the main component of vinegar is acetic acid, and the main component of wine is ethanol. Acetic acid reacts with ethanol to form ethyl acetate, which forms a slightly sweet taste. You will not feel too sour when you eat it. Be careful not to add too much.


are too spicy. Drop some vinegar. The fastest way to reduce the spicy flavor is to add some vinegar. Capsaicin is alkaline and neutralized by acid. In addition, capsaicin can be dissolved in oil, when cooking with hot oil pepper, not too spicy.


are rich in alkali and steamed with vinegar. When steaming steamed bread, if the edible alkali is too much, the steamed bread will turn yellow. At this time, pour 150-200 grams of vinegar into the water of the steamer, and then steam the steamed bread over low heat for about 10 minutes. The steamed bread will turn white and has no sour taste. The above content of

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