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every summer, a variety of seafood will appear on the shelf, waiting for the food to come to taste.

however, although the seafood is delicious, if not eaten properly, it will easily bring us great damage.


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in Fujian Province, a woman ate seafood and died after admission. The reason was that improper consumption of seafood resulted in the infection of a kind of marine bacteria called “vicious”. In the same way, a man in Quanzhou city also suffered from severe infection of his lower limbs due to eating seafood such as conch. He died of multiple organ failure. In addition to the death of


, the number of patients who came to the hospital for treatment due to diarrhea, vomiting or edema due to eating seafood in summer was also continuous.

therefore, if you want to eat seafood recklessly in the hot summer without any problems, Miao Yutian, R & D Specialist of food quality and safety center of COFCO nutrition and Health Research Institute, told Xiao Jiu that these matters must be known before eating seafood.

“in fact, when people eat seafood, fish, shellfish and so on, the source of the toxin is not the fish and shellfish themselves, but the food they eat, that is, toxic marine algae, that is to say, the toxins of these seafood mostly exist in the viscera.” Therefore, it is recommended that you should not eat seafood when you eat it.

in addition, Mr. Miao told Xiao Jiu that when we buy and eat seafood, we must also be vigilant. So what matters need to be paid attention to? Don’t worry, don’t worry. Listen to Xiaojiu slow.


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(1) seafood purchase


. First of all, when we buy seafood, we must go to the regular seafood market and ask the seller about the origin and source of seafood, so as to avoid buying seafood in the polluted sea area. Not long ago, there were many cases of poisoning caused by eating sea rainbow. The main reason is that the origin of Haihong was polluted. Secondly, the seafood we eat must be fresh. Because if you eat seafood is not fresh enough, light will have nausea symptoms, severe diarrhea will appear. Miao stressed that the dead fish, shrimps, crabs and shellfish in the river should not be eaten because the dead fish and shrimps will produce a large amount of histamine and cause food poisoning.

therefore, when we buy seafood, we should observe whether the seafood is lively and active. If the spirit is depressed, don’t buy it. In addition, you should also look at the color of the seafood and smell the seafood. If you find that the color is abnormal and there is a peculiar smell, don’t buy it.

(2) seafood consumption

generally, we buy raw seafood, we need to first soak in salt water for 20 minutes, and repeatedly soak and clean, until the water becomes clear. At the same time, in the next cooking process, the time and temperature must be enough, so as to fully kill the bacteria inside. Usually, the seafood needs boiling water for 5 minutes or steaming for 20 minutes. Although


seafood is delicious, don’t overdose it. Seafood is a high protein food, the digestion time in our stomach is much longer than that of starch staple food. If you eat too much at one time, it will increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion, which will easily appear for several days without appetite or gastrointestinal disease.

in addition, in this hot summer, many people like to eat anything, with a few bottles of cold beer. But do not drink beer when eating seafood, and other kinds of wine can’t. This is because we eat too much seafood, there will be a large number of purine substances into the body, resulting in increased blood uric acid. If you drink a few bottles of beer while eating a large amount of seafood, it will undoubtedly add to the frost, further accelerate the formation of blood uric acid in the body, thus causing gout, kidney stones and other diseases.


finally, if the seafood is not eaten on that day, it is better not to keep it for the next day. Because some bacteria in seafood are not completely killed under high temperature, if put into the refrigerator, after cooling, these bacteria will naturally regenerate or resurrect. If you want to eat, there must also be a heating process.

“what should I do if I accidentally get poisoned when eating seafood?”

if you encounter seafood poisoning, don’t panic. Mr. Miao also told us some first-aid measures. You can use them in a critical time.

1. We can use fingers or blunt objects to stimulate the throat of the poisoned person, so as to induce vomiting, reduce the absorption of toxins and alleviate the symptoms of poisoning. At the same time, attention should be paid to avoid suffocation due to vomiting and aspiration.

2. Catharsis

if the poisoned person has eaten seafood for a long time, generally more than 2-3 hours, and has a good mental state, you can take some laxatives to promote the poisonous food in the stomach to be discharged from the body as soon as possible.

3. Gastric lavage

of course, poisoning is more serious, it is best to go to the nearest hospital for gastric lavage, to thoroughly remove the residual toxic substances in the stomach. If only local contact shellfish toxin patients, can be directly washed with washing and local analgesia. In order to prevent the intoxication from dehydration, the mild poisoning patients need to drink more light salt water, or tea, rice soup, etc. Severe poisoning patients need to fast for 8-12 hours, intravenous infusion, and then eat rice soup, porridge, noodles and other easily digestible food when the condition improves.

Mr. Miao explained so much to us. Xiao Jiu finally told us that we should pay attention to eating seafood next. We should not damage our good health because of temporary gluttony.

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