cold noodles is a traditional food, not only because people need it in hot weather and become busy, but also because many diners find that there are always some differences in the taste between the cold noodles bought outside and those made at home, especially the cold noodles bought from street stalls are a mess. We all know that even if we don’t eat the cold noodles after 10 minutes, they will be lumped together. However, some of the cold noodles bought outside will not be lumped together even if you put them for half a day? Why is that? And this kind of cold noodles will be harmful to the body? So let’s find out if q-shot of cold noodles will do harm to our health?

fluffy grey, you make noodles more q-pop, why do some cold noodles purchased outside


feel so q-bounce? It’s because of the fluffy ash in it. Such news will appear as soon as you search the Internet. Netizens have different opinions, so what is Penghui? There are two kinds of fluffy ash used in the market: one is made from pengpeng grass, which is natural, and is allowed to be added to pasta by the state; the other is prepared by enterprises according to the ingredients of pomace, which contains lead and arsenic, but the content is far lower than the national standard, which can be used appropriately. So we don’t have to worry too much if we eat q-pop noodles in regular restaurants.

toxic chemical raw materials borax can also make noodles more q-pop.

borax is the common name of sodium borate, which is white or colorless crystalline powder. Infants can die if they eat 2-3 grams, and the adult lethal dose is 15 grams. Therefore, borax is also called “poison king” by some people. China’s “food hygiene law” and “food additives hygiene management measures” explicitly prohibit borax as a food additive. However, there is a tendency to use illegal interests. Here is a special reminder to the majority of diners, for those vendors selling cold noodles and other pasta or try not to buy. Of course, it may not be that all the cold noodles sold by small vendors are problematic, but for our own safety, we’d better choose the regular way or make it ourselves at home.

chat here, I think friends can be at ease to eat cold noodles! In the face of q-ball cold noodles, as long as your way of purchase is regular, or you can rest assured to eat. But here is to remind friends that although pomace is allowed to use food additives, we should not over pursue the feeling of q-bomb and give up the original noodles in our own kitchen. After all, the safest and healthiest food always comes from your own kitchen.

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