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The internet has provided the businesses of the world some amazing features. Never before have businesses been able to have constant advertising exposure and access to their customers. Twenty-four hour unmanned abilities to communicate and sell to consumers afford every business a wonderful opportunity to grow. This ability to accept payments and take orders in an online automated fashion is called E-commerce. While e-commerce equipped websites are more expensive to develop and maintain, the additional sales make it a worthwhile endeavor.

E-commerce fits especially well such businesses as retailers of small consumer items including clothing, gifts, books, electronics, packaged foods and jewelry. These products are easy to choose, small and inexpensive to ship. E-commerce may not fit as well for businesses where the products are not as easy to choose, are much larger, or are service based.

E-commerce websites of several or many pages commonly have a shopping cart on them. This allows customers to browse from one page to the next placing items in the cart without losing them or having to remember where they were.

Taxation and shipping charges are often computed and added onto the purchase price in an e-commerce purchasing algorithm.

The more descriptive features an item has, the more complex an e-commerce site must be to accommodate the orders. This is a definite consideration to engage before attempting to decide which service provider to select.

The current standard for online security in the acceptance of credit cards is called SSL. Make sure that you e-commerce service provider is SSL rated before doing business with them.

There are several more popular features of e-commerce sites including automated e-mail responders, provision of coupons or discount codes, and “related item” links. Explore your options and ability for future upgrades before contracting.


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