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MEASURE TWICE, BUY ONCE – Whether installing for the first time, or replacing an existing liner, the Solid Blue pattern offers durability while not breaking the bank. Be sure to check the measurements of your swimming pool to assure the correct size is purchased. Pool height is determined by measuring the outside wall from the ground to underneath the top rail. Oval pool size is determined by measuring from the center point across the longest and widest ends.
PRETTY PLEASING BLUE – The Solid Blue liner is for those looking for an economical way to swim and save some money along the way. The North American cut material is hand-folded to prevent permanent creasing and excess wrinkling. Before installing, lay the liner out in the sun for a minimum of one hour to warm up the vinyl ensuring it is able to stretch when adding water. The best temperatures to install would be between 70-80 degrees.
NO TROUBLE TO INSTALL – Overlap liners are draped over the walls of the pool during the installation process. Once the bottom seam is even near the cove, the liner is ready to be secured. This material is held in place through the use of coping strips prior to putting the top rails back onto the pool. Bead receivers are not needed for this type of liner. The liner is made to work with pools which have a flat bottom and wall heights of 48” or 52”. ***Will not work with Intex or Pop-Up pools***
STAY COOL IN THE POOL – Enjoy the warm weather while spending quality time with family and friends. Your backyard aboveground pool will surely become the place to be during those hot summer days. Stay cool in more ways than one with the Solid Blue liner.
UNIVERSAL GASKET SET – The included kit is for the pool’s skimmer and return. This skimmer gasket will work with either standard sized skimmers or widemouth versions. These pieces will help prevent corrosion of the pool wall and should be replaced each time a new liner is installed as they become dry over time which could cause leaks.

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