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ELIMINATE THE MESS – Trap decaying leaves from the Fall season by setting this mesh net over your winter cover. The ¼” wide holes in the leaf net will stop any debris from reaching your cover while letting any rain pass through.
PROTECT YOUR WINTER POOL COVER – This durable, rot-resistant leaf net provides tight and strong webbing to catch any fallen debris in the Autumn season to keep your winter cover from deteriorating.
INSTALL WITH CONFIDENCE – With an additional 3’ of overlap and a vinyl coated cable and turnbuckle to better secure this leaf net to your swimming pool. Double grommets are placed around included the net to weave the cable to through.
CLEAN PERIODICALLY – To better maximize the results of your leaf net, be sure to clear off debris from your leaf net through the Fall season. To do this, fully remove the leaf net off of your pool and to the side with the help of a friend, family member or a friendly neighbor. Pick off all debris and place the net back on top of your winter cover.
REMOVE BEFORE THE SNOW – Take your mesh net off of your pool after all of the leaves have dropped before the first snowfall. Dispose of the leaves properly and fold and store your leaf net before the winter season.

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