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TAKE COMMAND OF YOUR FLOWER BEDS with the Bear Paws Cultivator Claw. Designed for EASY USE AND LASTING DURABILITY, the Cultivator Claw presents an original and new way to garden by hand. ITS UNIQUE SHAPE FITS IN YOUR PALM EASIER, AND ALLOWS LIGHTENING FAST ACCESS FOR PICKING UP ROCKS OR DEBRIS IN THE FLOWER BED WITHOUT EVER NEEDING TO SET IT DOWN; which leads to MORE EFFICIENT WEEDING with less time spent looking for the tool you just put down. This design is also easier on those gardeners with arthritis. DURABLE, LIGHT, STRONG AND RUST FREE NYLON has replaced the heavy and bulky garden hand tools of the past. The Cultivator claw will rock your world with its SHARP TINES that easily LOOSEN SOIL AND PULL UP WEED ROOTS, as well as turn the soil to aerate and provide precious oxygen to tender vegetation. The PERFECT TOOL for that well-manicured garden. And when it’s ready to be put away, a QUICK RINSE UNDER WATER WILL TAKE OFF ALL REMAINING DIRT and debris while the handle provides a large hole for hanging the tools on any kind of hook.SHARP CLAWS: Great for breaking up soil, weeding and removing unwanted debris in your flower bed or garden
DURABLE – Traditional metal hand tools are replaced with our tough and ultra strong nylon. For a durable gardening tool, you can’t beat the Cultivator Claw garden tool
LIGHTWEIGHT – This rust-free and lightweight weeding tool will quickly replace heavier and bulkier garden tools as your favorite yard implement
ERGONOMIC – The Bear Paws Cultivator Claw design allows for natural movement which reduces hand and arm fatigue. Because your fingers are free, picking out rocks and weeds without ever setting it down is a breeze
MADE IN THE USA – This product is proudly made in the USA

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