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DIY plastic molded paving mold is spread in Europe and America, is a personalized brick mold

Laying out the effect posted up like blocks of stones

So the path is more exotic, to create a style of their own garden path.

Material:PP Resin



How to use this Concrete Paver Mold to build the pathways:

Step 1:

Mix cement with water, according to package directions. When ready to use, the concrete will be the consistency of oatmeal and thick enough to hold an edge when you slice into it with a shovel.

Step 2:

Fill the paver mold, scooping the concrete in with a shovel and making sure to fill each area.

Step 3:

Using rubber gloves, spread the concrete around the mold, filling in any gaps or low points. Tap the mold with your hand to eliminate any air bubbles.

Step 4:

Following the contours of the mold, smooth out the concrete, wiping away any excess.

Step 5:

Allow the concrete to set for a maximum of five minutes, then carefully remove the mold. For the next stretch, rotate the mold a quarter-turn and place it beside the paver just completed, angling slightly if you’re creating a curving pathway.

Step 6:

After letting the concrete cure overnight, fill the cracks with dirt and wash away any excess. Wet the ground around the newly formed pavers to help them settle

Package Included:

1 x Concrete Slabs Path Walk Maker Mould

” Path Maker Mould Paving DIY Lawn Concrete Garden Path Molds Reusable for Paving Pavement Patio Walkway✿ This mold is design for the garden-lovers, who want to create their own design decoration to make their gardens more beautiful. To give your pavement and yards some artistic sense.◆◆◆This shop mainly deals in women’s shoes, men’s shoes, jewelry, hats, eyeglass,art supplies, office products, mopping,home décor,home textiles,home & garden tools everything you want.
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✿ Reusable and durable plastic mold for making a continuous path in any direction to build a new concrete path in garden, patios. Environmental and conveniently.◆◆◆ Brick Mold Concrete Form Pathmate Stepping Stone Molds for Concrete Mould Reusable for Garden, Court Yards, Patios and Walks
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✿ A personalized brick mold,laying out the effect posted up like blocks of stones, to design your own patio or path and then make it a reality. Note: If the product is damaged or cracked during transportion, please contact us and offer us the photos,we can give a refund or reissue. Your shopping experience should be perfect, everytime. ◆◆◆Driveway Pathmate Stone Paver Concrete Mold Paving Stepping Stone Mould Pavement Irregular DIY Pavement Mold Walk Maker Path Maker

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