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Shopx7 Kitchen Dining Bottle Sterilizer, Baby Bottle Warmer Combination, Muchcare Bottle Sanitizer with Drying Feature, Large Capacity and Easy to Operate

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About this baby bottle sterilizer and dryer

Size: 14.5″H x 9.3″W x 8.7″ D

4-in-1 Multi-function: disinfection, drying, warming milk, heating food

Large Capacity: sterilizes 6 bottle at once and fits different size different brands of baby bottle

High-Temperature Steam kills 99.99% harmful substances

Drys Bottles, pacifiers, spoons, bowls, cups thoroughly. Can be used on dry setting only.

HEPA Filter: effectively filters 99% of hair, floc, PM2.5, dust,and harmful substances in the air

One-Button Operation: easy to use

Auto shut off: safe to use 

Memory Setting



1. Allow the sterilized unit to cool down after each use as they may be hot.

2. It is normal to scale, which will not affect the use of the machine and cause harm to the human body.

It is caused by minerals in tap water. To descal, pour 40ml of vinegar mixed with 80ml of clean water into the tank

and let the empty unit run through the sterilizing cycle.

Package Included:

Main body


Bottle Brasket

Bottle Tray

Instruction Manual

🍼Keeping Your Baby’s Bottles Sanitary: It is no easy task. As soon as you’ve cleaned something, it gets dropped or thrown on the floor, and the cleaning process starts all over again. But today, the sterilizer can bring you convenient. This bottle sterilizer with large capacity can effectively uses steam to sterilize up to six 11oz Comotomo, Dr Brown, Avent, Medela, Spectra bottles and other baby accessories such as pacifier, bowl, cup, spoon, and breast pump simultaneously.
🍼Combination Bottle Warmer, Sterilizer and Dryer: This is an electric bottle sterilizer subset that has an additional bottle warming and drying setting, which can also be used for steaming and pureeing baby food. With this combination bottle sterilizer/warmer, you can cut down on the number of gadgets in your kitchen. And it should fit in your cupboards with a small size.(14.5″H x 9.3″W x 8.7″ D)
🍼Complete Disinfection and Drying: The bottle sanitizer can emerge steam at a higher temperature than your dishwasher for 10-30Min reliable sanitization. Then it automatically drys bottles and accessories thoroughly. To prevent secondary contamination of bottles, there is a hospital-grade HEPA filter inside so that it can filter 99% of hair, floc, PM2.5, dust,and germ in the air and keep sanitized bottles and accessories safe for over 24 hours.
🍼Easy and Safe to Use: Followed our instruction, there is easy one-button operation to the sensitive LED control panel and it lets you store your preferred settings in the sterilizer’s memory so you don’t need to waste time resetting each time you use it. All the material is BPA-free. Shut off automatically with smart sensor when it’s done. So why not walk away and have a sleep while it is working.
🍼For Parents: Parents, especially parents of newborns, are often sleep deprived. Here is the baby bottle warmer/sterilzer/dryer to yourself. Muchcare is an emerging maternal and child brand, but we are committed to providing high-quality products and services to our mothers. Our customer service is always behind you if you have any problems while using.

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