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Make delicious homemade made yogurt with billions of live probiotics Rich and creamy with NO sugar added, NO preservatives, NO artificial flavors or color and NO added thickeners. Always gluten free and non-gmo! Easily customized to your taste by simply picking any kind of milk (cow, goat, almond, coconut, soy, hemp etc.), add our Belle and Bella Yogurt Starter, set the digital timer for 8 hours and you will have fresh, all natural homemade yogurt with just a push of a button You control what goes into your yogurt. Add fresh fruit, honey, agave or granola for a delectable breakfast or as a healthy snack. Your fresh homemade yogurt can also be used in everyday cooking as well. Use it as a healthy alternative to sour cream or heavy cream. Make heavenly yogurt for about half the price of store bought yogurt. YoMagic pays for itself in less than a year The YoMagic takes the guesswork out of making yogurt at home with a digital timer, water bath system and a one quart ceramic jar. With our water bath system and single one quart jar, the YoMagic makes thick, creamy yogurt consistently unlike the multi-jar systems which have hot and cold spots resulting in inconsistent yogurt Do you know what the truth is when it comes to recycling your store bought plastic yogurt cups? Well, unlike plastic water bottles, most yogurt containers are actually made of polypropylene or #5 plastics which most neighborhood recycling programs do not accept. By making your own yogurt in our reusable ceramic jar you are helping our environment by reduce our plastic waste of #5 plastic containers which averages about 7 million tons per year! Taste the difference of homemade today!Control how your yogurt is made and what goes in your yogurt
Save – make homemade yogurt at half the price of store bought yogurt
Think green – reduce the plastic containers from store bought yogurt
Digital timer make 1 quart/liter
Patented “water bath” system for even heating

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