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Shopx7 Kitchen Dining Aroma Housewares MI 3-Cup (Cooked) (1.5-Cup UNCOOKED) Cool Touch Mini Rice Cooker,White

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A meal for you or a meal for two? It’s minimalist. It’s Minuit’s mi. Have a meal with mi or invite a friend. MI aroma mini rice cooker makes more than rice with one touch: white/brown rice, cake, soup, pasta, omelets and so much more Can be made in mi rice cooker with just the right recipes! It’s mini, portable, quick and compact. If you’re like mi you take care of yourself. Whether it’s soup when you’re sick, dessert when you’re in love or anything in-between. With mi, the focus is on you.Compact Design: with a sleek handle that compacts into a flat design as well as the space-reducing size of the Mi series, you are sure to enjoy both the benefits of this appliance and the overall appeal! This cooker may look small, but will yield up to 3 cups of your favorite cooked rice.
Easy Operation: Our Aroma Mi series features easy to use, one touch operation. Simply press down the lever (or select button on digital model) and you’re good to go! Appliance will automatically switch to keep warm for up to 12 hours following the cooking cycle.
Simple Clean Up: The removable nonstick inner pot on the MRC-903 makes clean up a breeze! Simply put it on the top rack of your dish washer and you’re all set! The accompanying accessories (rice spatula and rice measuring cup) are also dishwasher safe.
Capacity: 2 to 3 cups of cooked rice
sleek handle design that easily lifts up and snaps down
Removable nonstick
Cooking Pot with Cooking Lid
Simple, one-touch operation
with automatic Keep-Warm
Top rack dish
washer safe

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