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Shopx7 Kitchen Dining 6L Black Garlic Fermenter, Kimchi machine,Sweet Rice Wine Maker Full Automatic,Natto Maker,Yogurt Pot – MLGB

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Product instruction

1. The smart home with automatic black garlic fermentor, a new generation of improved products, a substantial increase in functionality, production better.

2. This garlic cooker adopts the three-dimensional heating method of upper, middle and lower, with uniform internal temperature, lower heat loss and lower energy consumption.

3. This product uses a unique smart solo garlic, garlic choose the fermentation function, you can choose the fermentation time: 9-13 days (216-312 hours) can be adjusted to meet different taste effects, different time needs of choice, good practicality.

4.Our black garlic maker adds unique drying function for heavy fresh garlic and big garlic, fermented more moist black garlic can be dried to enhance the fermentation effect.

5.Cage garlic structure, good air circulation, uniform temperature, convenient operation, any garlic should not fall into when, high strength stainless steel garlic cage strong, stainless steel is more healthy, the surface after use clean, beautiful, hygienic, easy to clean , No internal residual sewage after using.

6. About 1.5-2kg of garlic can be fermented , the use of high efficiency. Unique door buckle design, easy operation, any garlic should not fall into when put, high strength stainless steel cage strong, good strength, stainless steel, healthier, clean surface after use, beautiful, hygienic, easy to clean.

7. Independent thick liner, keep the temperature uniform, easy to use, easy to clean.

8.Power control using precision integrated circuits, product performance and stability, long life, the use of more secure.MLGB Black Garlic Fermenter Capacity: 6L, 2.2lb garlic (solo garlic/ multi clove garlic),make sure you put garlics full of the cooker everytime,The more you put ,the better black garlic you will get.
Smart constant-temperature with stainless steel inner pot – can make yogurt ,fruit wine ,kimchi,sweet rice wine,black garlic,fruit vinefar,enzyme, baking yeast,natto,
Working Time:48 hours for sweet wine ; 7-12 daysfor black garlic ; 8 hours for yogurt …(Time will be adjusted based on the atmospheric temperature,pls check the manual book for details))
MLGB fermenter make all – around heating,including bottom and top cover. It will be atomization instead of condensate inside the pot .
Stainless Steel cage with “door” buckle-Protect the garlic better

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