Shopx7 Kitchen Dining 2 Silicone mold egg bites large thick and steamer rack with handles | 6 & 8 qt instant pot & pressure cooker accessory | Reusable food storage & freezer | 2 sets, 2 lids, 1 spoon, free recipe e-book



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What’s included: -2 silicone egg bite molds, one blue and one green colored. -2 silicone lids. -1 metal rack with handles. -1 spoon, green colored. -1 recipe e-book. Item specifications: -Silicone egg mold bites: 225 grams and are 21.5 cm/8.46 inches in diameter. -Metal rack: 20.4 cm/8.03 inches in diameter, height of handles 14 cm/5.5 inches.-TOP QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE PRODUCTS: 2 large, thick, 100% silicone egg mold bites each with 7 individual portions, 2 silicone lids, 1 spoon are food grade safe, FDA approved, BPA and toxin free silicone, 100% safe. They are completely silicone and will pass the pitch test. The pinch test is how to determine if a silicone product completely silicone. If is shows white, there are other materials mixed in with the silicone, which can leave residue in the food that is cooked in it. If no
-MULTIPURPOSE: Can make egg bites like Starbucks. Designed for cooking all meats and vegetables, poaching eggs, baking desserts, popsicles and any frozen foods. Baby food cooking and serving meals. Food storage and food freezing. Lunch to go packing. Meal prepping for the week.
-EASY TO USE: Steamer rack with handles makes it easy to set in and take out one or stack both egg bite molds into 6 & 8 qt pressure cookers and instant pots. The steamer rack can also be used to cool food and specifically designed to hold eggs. Easy clean up, with cooking spray almost zero food residue after cooking. Dishwasher safe or can be hand washed. Silicone molds and silicone lids can be frozen and used to cook up to 450 degrees. Microwave safe.
-FREE RECIPE E-BOOK: Over 25 recipes from main courses, vegetarian, sides dishes, and desserts specifically for egg bite molds. Due to Amazon’s policy, any buyer that opts out of emails from sellers blocks the automatic ebook email after purchase of the product. If you opt out of seller emails, simply email us on Amazon or directly at [email protected] with your order number and we will email you recipe e-book within 1-5 business days.
-100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Clean Green Products values all of our customers. If the item is defective, we will fully refund you.

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