Shopx7 Home Improve [Longest: 33.4 in] Drain Clog Remover, Drain Cleaning Brush, Clogged Drain Hair Remover, Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover Cleaning Tool For Bath Tub, Kitchen Sink, Toilet etc (5 Pack)



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The pipe is blocked again?
Kitchen sink or bath tub are often blocked by hairs, fine vegetable leaves and other debris, which makes it difficult to clean up. And then you need a professional plumber to help, although it’s expensive, but you have to ask for help. Now with this Drain Clog Remover Kit, there is no need to worry about pipes blockage. Even if you do not ask professional plumbers to help, you can easily solve the problem by yourself! It’s economical and easy to use!

Prowithlin provides 3 different kind of drain clog removers
1.Plastic drain clog remover: Just insert it into the sink plug, its barbs will catch debris or hair, and then take out the blockage easily
2.Stainless steel drain clog remover: Spring design is more flexible, just press the PP handle, then the claw at the bottom grasps the blockage at the same time, it is long and flexible enough to pass through the bend, to reach the corners
3.Cleaning brush: Cleaning the pipe while taking out the garbage inside, it’s perfect to kill two birds with one stone

Drain Clog Remover Tool is widely used in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens, especially for water tanks, bathtubs, dredging pipes, drains and sewers which are often blocked.Value Pack Of 5: Includes 3 plastic drain clog remover, a stainless steel cleaner and a drain brush.Drain clog remover hair tool is easy to use and more economical, saving your cost of expensive plumbers services
Plastic drain clog remover is about 19.7 x 0.31 inche (L x W). It is made of eco-friendly and high-quality PP material, it’s easy to bend and insert into the pipe, like a snake moving. Multi-toothed drain clog remover can effectively capture hair, food and other blockages
Stainless steel drain cleaner is about 33.4 inch length and 0.9 inch width. It’s more durable. With the spring design, it’s more flexible,so that can bend in the pipe easier. A small claw at the bottom which can grab the plug deep in the sewer
Drain Brush is 27.9 inch length, it made of iron wire + PP wire, strong toughness, good ductility, flexibility and durability. In addition to cleaning out the blockage, it can also clean the pipe
The set of drain clog remover is widely used. Such as used to clean bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, bathtubs, floor drains, toilets and other places prone to blockage. Meet your daily needs and help to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean,It’s more safer and eco-friendly then chemical cleaners

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