Shopx7 Home Improve Hansing Under Sink Water Filter, High Flow Water Filtration System with 13K Ultra High Capacity – Removes 99.5% of Chlorine, 99% of Chloramine, 99.9% of Lead, Heavy Metals, Odors, Bad Tastes, etc


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The Replacement Filter Cartridge:

It’s made of Food-grade PP housing, 0.5um filter membrane and High-density Carbon block. It can 
remove and or reduce a wide variety of organic and inorganic contaminants including but not limited 
to: chlorine, soluble heavy metals, herbicides, sediment, algae, benzene, bad taste, odors, and other 
undesirable contaminants that may affect the quality of your water supply. SGS test showed that it 
removed 99.5% chlorine, 99% Chloramines, 99.9% lead, 99.8% thallium, 99.9% mercury, 99.9% cadmium 
and 97.6% chromium(VI).  

Innovated High-density Carbon Block

Ordinary granular carbon has gaps between the granules, through which some water often flow away, 
causing low filter efficiency. These granules not only contaminate the water after entering the water, 
but also block the cartridge and reduce water pressure when accumulated. Our high-density carbon 
block made from high-quality coconut shell and charcoal powder manufactured with the latest micro-crystal 
restructuring and high-temperature firing techniquest. The micro-structure of activated carbon by this 
process was more developed and more average than the conventional process. It has solved the above 
problem effectively, enhances the filter effect and prolongs the service life of the filter. 

About Service Life

The total amount of the water it purifies depends on the pollutants levels from water, if your previous filters 
were often clogged within a short period of time, please install a sediment filter in front of the water supply. 
This allow the filter to reach its normal life.

Removes Chlorine (99.5%), Chloramine (99%), Lead (99.9%), Chromium 6, Mercury, bad tastes, odors, rust, bacteria, and other heavy metals
Working area is side surface of the carbon block, the area as large as It means you can get high flow and less blocking with our under sink water filter
The active carbon would not fall into water because they were sintered at 1200℃/2192℉, that can help you avoid being a victim of pipeline plugging
The water filtration system come with flex-hoses and brackets, whether you’re using 3/8″ or 1/2″, you can mount the water filter as you wish within 10 minutes
Max filtering capacity: 13,000 gal. One year warranty

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