Shopx7 Home Improve #7 Glass Beads – 8 lb or 3.6 kg – Blasting Abrasive Media (Fine) 60-80 Mesh or Grit – Spec No 7 for Blast Cabinets Or Sand Blasting Guns – Small Beads for Cleaning and Finishing



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Small Diameter Glass Bead Blast Media, #7, 60-80 Mesh Grit, 250-177 Micron Size. 3.6 kg | 8 lbs. Recommended for applications where you want to remove debris without damaging the item’s surface. Glass beads are designed to peen surfaces at low pressure. Glass bead media works well on soft metals like aluminum and brass as well as plastic. Glass beads at low pressure will remove substances from surfaces without changing surface dimensions. Works with a blasting gun or in a blast cabinet.Spherical-Shaped Particles Peen Surfaces to a Satin Matte Finish
Comm Spec No 7 or 60-80 Grit Glass Bead Abrasive Media
Manufactured New Glass Beads Are inert, certain no free silica (not silicosis hazard like silica sand and are easy and safely disposed of)
Use Low Pressure 20-60 PSI. Soft/Sensitive Materials Exceeding 70 PSI Lowers the Longevity of the Glass Media. Peen to Higher Intensities at 90 degree nozzle angle. Consume material at a faster rate at 90 degree nozzle angle, higher blast pressures and greater workpiece hardness.
Made in Canada

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