Shopx7 Computer (BozaBoza) Easy On/Off Privacy Filter 32″ Removable Acrylic (for 32″ Universial Diagonally Measured 16 : 9/16 : 10 Aspect Ratio) Privacy Screen for Laptop, Notebook, Monitor



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– BozaBoza Univarsal 32″ Wide Special Privacy Screen Protector Hanging Type –


Do you often worry about performing everyday tasks on your computer just because you fear a lot of people snooping into your desktop screen?
Do you hesitate entering the passwords or reading / viewing / surfing content on your desktop but you still I do not want others to know about it?


With BozaBoza Privacy Screen Filter, Keep your computer screen private from coworkers and onlookers.
Advanced micro-louver technology provides 30° of narrow viewing angle to left and right to protect your privacy.
Out of 30° Your Screen turns black, So Nobody can invade your privacy.
Protect your precious Privacy with BozaBoza Privacy filter !

No need for adhesives or tabs, just hang the privacy screen on your monitor.
You can re-use this screen on many sizes of monitors
They can be easily taken on and off and switched among many different size monitors.

Features :
◎ Privacy Protection
◎ UV and Blue Light Reduction
◎ Protects Monitor from Scratches
◎ Easy Installation
◎ Materials Origin: LG Electronics
◎ Not Compatible with Touchscreens

Size :
◎ Device Compatibility: Universal 32″W (30 – 32″W)
◎ Viewing Angle: 60 degrees total (equivalent to 30 degrees on either side of center)
◎ Diagonal Length: 32 inches
◎ Height: 17 inches (Millimeters: 440 mm)
◎ Width: 29 inches (Millimeters: 730 mm)
◎ Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / 16:10 Aspect Ratio

Contents :
◎ (x1) Universal 32″W (30 – 32″W)
◎ (x1) Microfiber cleaning cloth (4.86 x 4.86 inch)
◎ (x1) Installation instructions (Easy installation)

To provide an extreme privacy, reduce your monitor’s brightness.
[PERFECT PRIVACY] Protect your privacy with an BozaBoza privacy filter. BozaBoza Privacy Protector makes on-screen data visible only to individuals sitting in front of the monitor. BozaBoza privacy filter makes the screen appear dark when looking at it from an angle (the angle is 30° Each – Both 60°), but bright when looking directly at it. BozaBoza monitor screen protector features multiple layers of thick film with patented revolutionary micro-louver technology.
[98.7% ANTI-BLUE LIGHT] Protects your eyes by blocking harmful blue light which exists between 380nm and 500nm of wavelength ! Do you know what the Blue Light is ? Blue Light carries the High Energy Visible Light(HEVL) which cannot be absorbed by the cornea and crystalline lens and directly affects the retina and results in significant damage to the eyes. BozaBoza Anti Blue Light Filter cuts 98.7 of VHF Blue Light !
[PERFECT FIT WITH 30″ Wide ~ 32″ Wide] BozaBoza Acrylic Privacy Screen Provides Flexibility For Use With Multiple Monitors Sizes. BozaBoza Acrylic Panel easily fits Widescreen Monitors with different sizes from 30″ Wide to 32″ Wide. It Can be easily re-used with multiple monitors and sizes.
[ULTRA CLEAR VISION] Let you have Strong RGB Color Gamut for professionalism ! We ensure excellent Color Transmittance with BozaBoza Screen Protector. To People who work in front of Screen for a long time, People who need strong color expression, BozaBoza Filter is not optional but essential!
[Easy Installation] No Need for Adhesives or Tabs with Easy Install and Can Be Reused with Multiple Monitors. Simple, Quick and Convenient Micro-suction technology secures to the monitor bezel without hassle or adhesives or slide-mount tabs, so you can easily take the privacy filter on and off your monitor.

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