Shopx7 Computer 140-Day 4G LTE Magnetic GPS Tracker – Cellular Real-Time Slap and Track GPS Tracking Device with Magnetic Case and Extended Battery for Tracking Cars, Vehicles, Truck, Kids, Teens, Elderly



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Introducing the 140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker by BrickHouse Security. This GPS tracker is the most advanced version of our best-selling, portable GPS tracker and comes equipped with everything you need to make this portable tracker as powerful as possible. This kit features the portable GPS tracker, an extended battery, and a magnetic case for ease of use. It turns the small, portable Spark Nano 7 GPS tracker into a powerful slap-and-track vehicle tracker for longterm tracking capabilities. The included extended battery ensures that you get all the time you need for tracking, increasing your battery life to up to 4 months longer than with the traditional battery (based on normal use of approximately 1 hour per day.) With the 4G cellular service that offers the fastest reporting in all of North America, you’ll have confidence knowing exactly where your GPS tracker is at all times. The 140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker is the most portable and easy-to-use GPS tracker on the market and provides you with the most important long term GPS tracking features, including real-time location updates, speed alerts, and a smartphone app to keep you constantly connected. Whether you’re using the 140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker to track the movements of your valuable assets, to monitor the movements of business vehicles, or anything else, the 140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker will provide you with reliable coverage and accurate updates as often as you need. With this exceptionally long battery life, the 140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker is ideal for long-term, on-the-go tracking.Extra Long Battery Life: The 4G Spark Nano 7’s built-in battery lasts 15 days on standby, but with the included extended battery you’ll get 140 days of extra life for long-term vehicle and asset tracking.
Blazing Fast 4G LTE Coverage Across North America: Don’t miss a moment even when personal cars, fleet trucks, or other assets cross borders between the US, Mexico, and Canada with full 4G cellular coverage.
Tough & Rugged ‘Slap-and-Track’ Design: Avoid the time and hassle of installation under the dash or hood. The magnetic case is quickly placed under or on top of any vehicle and starts reporting immediately!
Waterproof Magnetic Case: Designed to house the 4G Spark Nano 7 and the extended battery inside. Attach it to your vehicle or company asset without drilling holes or any complicated installation.
No Long-Term Contract Needed: Unlike other tracking devices, the 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker requires no long-term commitment. Activate online with a subscription starting at $24.99/month and cancel at any time if you stop using the device.

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