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Shopx7 Computer 14.0 Inch (Diagonally Measured) Privacy Screen Filter for Widescreen Laptops for Data confidentiality Anti Glare

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Many things in life are better when shared, but your laptop screen is not among them. This Tikteck’ laptop privacy filter keeps your confidential and private information just that — private. The filter mounts to your laptop screen and utilizes advanced microlouver privacy technology so only people in front of your computer (or directly behind you) can see your display. Nosy coworkers, competitors, and strangers will only see a black screen.

Tikteck 14.0 Inch (Diagonally Measured) Privacy Screen for Widescreen Laptops
Device Compatibility: 14.0 inch widescreen PC laptops (measure your screen diagonally)
Viewing Angle: 60 degrees total (equivalent to 30 degrees on either side of center)
Diagonal Length: 14.0 inches
Height: 6 7/8 inches
Width: 12 3/16 inches
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

What Size Privacy Filter Do I Need?
1) Determine Your Screen Type
Raised Frame: These screens have a raised frame around the edge of the display
Flat Front Glass: These screens have edge-to-edge glass without a raised frame
2) Measure Your Laptop Screen
Raised Frame: Measure the height, width, and diagonal length of your screen’s viewing area, excluding the raised frame
Flat Front Glass: Measure the height, width, and diagonal length of your screen’s entire glass display, making sure to measure from edge-to-edge 3) Find Your Privacy Filter
Use your measurements to select the correct size privacy filter
Tip: Search by using your diagonal measurement, not the height or widthTOP QUALITY & EXACT FIT FOR 14.0″ WIDESCREEN LAPTOPS – Our Privacy Filter is a perfect fit for 14.0″ Inch Widescreen Laptops which have a 16:9 aspect ratio. Our privacy screen protectors film helps ensure your privacy and also provides other important benefits to you. Not designed for touchscreens. Be more comfortable & secure in entering your passwords and viewing personal content.
PRIVACY SCREEN FILTER – Manufactured by micro-louver optical technology, so that the screen data can only be read clearly by the user from the front 90 degree angle of view, only the black screen can be seen outside 60 degrees on both sides. Effective protection of confidential information and personal privacy, use of computer more secure. Perfect for open office settings, universities, financial institutions, health care providers, and corporate travel.
EASY TO INSTALL,TWO WAYS – New type of transparent adhesive and PVC positioning piece. It is recommended to use PVC positioning piece to put the monitor privacy screen down from top to bottom. The privacy filter tablet can be stored when not in use. This product can be repeated many times. Do not need any glue to paste when using it, and will not produce any bubbles.
ANTI-GLARE, ANTI-SCRATCH – Laptop screen privacy filter prevents scratches, soiled, dust and fingerprints to protect your screen from external damages due to its super anti-rub coat dispose. Privacy Screen for Laptops not only provides privacy but also protects your eyes by filtering out 95% UV and curbing blue light , which can otherwise have an adverse impact on your eyes.
NOT FOR TOUCH SCREENS – Our product doesnt work with touch screen. It will reduce the sensitivity of the touchscreen. To ensure you have purchased the right privacy filter screen protector film, you can use a measurement tool to measure the length of the computer monitor or the inside of the laptop screen (excluding the frame) to confirm the size. Some brands will have a small gap, does not affect the use.If you have any problems with the computer privacy film, please feel free to contact us.

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