Shopx7 Business Industy 22 Gauge Magnet Wire for Science Projects | Enameled Copper Wire w/Working Temperature 356 F for School and Lab | One Pound


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CMS Magnetics 22 Gauge Enameled Magnet Wire is perfect for implementing your projects and ideas. Our magnet wire is made of high quality copper which is an Amber colored enameled and has a working temperature of 356° Fahrenheit.

Used by engineers and hobbyists alike, this magnet wire has lots of applications from industrial to personal projects. Commonly used to make copper coils, this magnet wire can perfectly be used to wind coils for motors, transformers, inductors, speakers, and electromagnets. Copper is a great conductor and is currently the standard material used for various apparatus all over the world.

You will have lots of fun with your kids by doing science projects with this magnet wire. Some projects like Tesla coils, homemade motors, and electromagnets.

Diameter: 0.0252″
Rated Current: 1.28 Amp
Maximum Current: 1.46 Amps
Resistance: 16.55 ohms/1000ftHigh Quality 22 AWG Enameled Copper Wire. Great for Kids’ Science Projects, Personal Projects or Crafting, Coil Winding, Speakers, Inductors, Motors, Generators
Working Temperature is rated at 356 Degree Fahrenheit
Diameter = 0.0252″, Length 513 ft, Current Rating = 1.28 Amps, Resistance = 16.55 per 1000 ft
Insulated – Enameled, Great for Winding Wire for Various Electric Elements
Top Quality and Money Back Guaranteed

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