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Shopx7 Business Industy 20W Handheld Direct Heat Sealer KF-772DH with Hi/Lo Temp Setting for Sealing Plastic Clamshell Packages and Food Containers

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Hand held clamshell sealer is good for spot welding clam shell plastic packages used in food packaging or retail business with its steady fast and clean operation. It serves a variety of bakery, deli, pharmacy, boutique stores, restaurant, coffee shop, food take-out and fast food industry. In addition, by sealing the clamshell, it prevents shoplifters from opening retail plastic package and therefore anti-theft. HOW DOES IT WORK? The Clam Shell Sealer comes with two heated 0.19″ wide and 0.40″ long serrated jaws and works like a pair of plyer. It has two temperature settings: 180 & 210 degree C (356 & 410 degree F). Simply set the switch to HI or LO and let the sealer reach its desired temperature. Place the clamshell in between the jaws and press down to form the welds. Handle remains cool during operation. WHAT TYPE OF SEAL THE SEALER MAKES? With the heat and pressure, the heated jaw heads press against each other and quickly forms a spot weld. The spot weld is a serrated rectangular in shape with 0.19 in. W and 0.40 in. L. The clipping time is controlled by hand. 2ND REINFORCE WELD FOR LONG FLANGE If the flange to seal >= 1″ from the edge, then a second reinforcement weld (through hole) will be created. The reinforcement weld is about 0.19″L x 0.12″W in size and measured 0.80″ center-to-center from the first weld. (Approx. 0.94″ edge-to-edge) DUAL VOLTAGES The sealer can be used in dual voltage range of 100-240V accepting two-pronged power cord and this makes it truly convenient for operation around the world. SPECIFICATIONS: POWER SUPPLY: 20W AC 110/240V 50/60 Hz TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: HI – 410F, LO – 356F EFFECTIVE WELDING AREA: 0.40″ X 0.19″ SERRATED MATERIALS: This held clamshell sealer is ideal for sealing poly packing cases such as clam shell and other similar types of containers.EASY TO OPERATE: Lightweight. Set the temperature, place the clamshell in between and press down
FAST AND FIRM: Forms a tight spot weld to firmly lock down clam shell packages, all within seconds
DUAL TEMPERATURE: 2 temperatures (180 and 210 degree C or 356 and 410 degree F) setting
DUAL VOLTAGES: Two-pronged power supply of dual world voltage 110-240V with 5-1/2 ft. cord
BEYOND CLAMSHELL: Suitable for sealing thicker materials and rPET, OPS, PSP, PVC, and EPS

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