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Shopx7 Business Industy 20-Pack with Screws – Heavy Duty Figure 8 Table Top Connector or Desk Top Fastener Clip – 12 Gauge Steel

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12-gauge steel fastener easily and securely connects table tops or desk tops to their apron. Using a 11/16″ (or 5/8″ will work in a pinch) spade or forstner bit, simply bore a shallow hole in the rail or apron of your project, so the fastener top sits flush with the top of rail.

Attach the fastener with a #6 screw into the apron, then secure the wooden top surface with another #6 screw. Simple chisel work near the shallow boring may be necessary to ensure a proper bedding and free lateral movement of the fastener.

Fasteners are countersunk on opposite sides to keep screw heads flush. It’s important to secure screws to a snug fit, but do not over tighten to allow for seasonal wood movement.

This item can be purchased with #6 x 3/4″ screws, please select appropriately prior to adding to your cart; depending on your project, wood stock thicknesses will vary, so it’s imperative to use a screw length that will adequately suit your individual needs.

As with any form of adhering a table or desk top to a rail or apron, it’s important to always lift the project by the rails and not the top surface.

12-gauge carbon steel (almost 1/8″ thick) – zinc coated to prevent rusting and corrosion
Each fastener measures 1-3/16″ x 5/8″ x 12 gauge (~1/8″) thick
Reduce Wood Splitting – Securely fastens wooden table surface to it’s rails, while providing a pivot point to accommodate seasonal wood movement
Countersunk holes on opposite sides to keep screw heads flush, designed for #6 flat head screws
#6 x 3/4″ flathead screws included!

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