Shopx7 Business Industy [125 Pack] 12 OZ Banana Split Boat Plate Clear PET Plastic Disposable Ice Cream Sundae Dessert Splits Bowl Tray for Gelato Parlors, Cafes, Parties, Home and Restaurants


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Awesome Design and Size
Every boat you buy will be 9 inches in length, 5 inches in width, 1.9 inches in height and will have a bottom width of 2 inches as well as a bottom length of 6 ½ inches. Their capacity is 12 oz. and you buy 125 of them in a single case.

You can use these banana split boats plastic to serve anything from the obvious banana splits to ice cream and from candy to trail mix. You can also go for second helpings of the desserts or snacks after you are finished with one as the bowl won’t bend or break easily.

Makes Sharing Easy
These banana split boats disposable make sharing a dessert with your loved ones easy as you can pile on hefty servings without worrying about spillage as these boats are made with PET plastic that’s bound to last long.

Every banana split bowl you get will be recyclable as per several recycling programs which means that you will be able to do a bit towards protecting the environment without worrying about harming it anymore.

Looks Good Enough to Eat
Hotels, resorts, cafeterias and ice cream parlors must go for these bowls as they genuinely make your chef’s preparations look good enough to eat. When you display your colorful and delectable looking desserts or snacks with the help of these, the customers won’t be able to resist a bite.

Keeps Calorie Intake in Control
Those of you who like to count their calories to stay on the path of fitness can enjoy any dessert or snack you want in these boats without worrying about the portion size. The dessert or snack you choose would be very filling but won’t exceed your daily quota of indulgence. Give them a shot and see for yourself.

Perfect Size – capacty of 12oz, length of 9 inches, width of 5 inches and a height of 1.9 inches. The bottom length is 6 ½ inches, the bottom width is 2 inches. 125 counts in a pack.
Sturdy – made from durable PET plastic, will not bend, break off or leak while serving cold or mildly hot food in them.
Eye-Catching Design – make creative banana split or ice cream sundae dishes look amazing thanks to the clear plastic and attractive design of these boats. Kids and adults will all love this presentation technique.
Easy to Carry – enjoy the dessert or trail mix while on the go by pairing these 12 oz boats with 8 oz boats (sold separate) which are compatible and work as a convenient lid for to-go orders. Banana spilt trays can be used for cold food, salad, appetizers, snacks etc.
Disposable – made for one-time or multi use, one can just throw them away after each use. They are recyclable and environmental friendly.

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