Shopx7 Business Industy 12″ x 12″ White Food Word Text Grease-Resistant Food-Safe Wrap Paper, Deli Wrap, Clipper Mill by GET P-GT-1212-W (1000 Pieces)


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Versatile and stylish, these food-safe tissue liners can be used in a number of applications from sandwich wraps to tray and basket liners. You can use classic white for a crisp look, rustic brown for a down-home style or add a splash of color with blue and white or orange and white checkers. Newsprint style with mock pages covering sports or the front page of a New York, Paris, London, Dublin or Honolulu paper.STYLE: Versatile and stylish food-safe paper liners for anything from sandwich wraps to tray or basket liners, from classic, crisp white to colorful checkers and mock newsprint
GREASE-RESISTANT: Holds grease at bay, but is porous enough to allow steam to escape, making it a solid option for hot sandwiches, wraps, burgers, etc.
DISPOSABLE: Makes for easy cleanup after mealtime and helps reduce crumbs, sauces and other debris from getting on the table or lunch trays

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