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The Aqua Bed Warmer Non-electric Heating Blanket is the safest way to heat your bed at night. Your Aqua Bedwarmer includes the Water Heater, which heats your bed by circulating heated water through the soft, 100% cotton Mattress Pad placed atop your mattress. The Aqua Bedwarmer is not only safe, it also runs efficiently and quietly, providing you with peace of mind.

Safe for the entire family
The Aqua Bed Warmer heats your bed using only natural water, making it the safest way to heat your bed. Cheaper electric blankets expose you to a microwave of electromagnetic fields and fire hazards. The Aqua Bed Warmer eliminates all of those health and safety risks.

Control your comfort
The Aqua Bed Warmer Water Heater features an intuitive control panel that gives you precise temperature and runtime customization options. Set your preferences so that your bed is heated to your exact specification, not a single degree too hot or too cold (displays both Farenheit and Celcius).

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Buy with Confidence
Your Aqua Bed Warmer Water Heater is covered by our Performance Guarantee Warranty plan, protecting your bed from defects and/or malfunctioning product.No electric wires, just water! Aqua Bed Warmer is the safest way to heat your bed!
Safely heats your bed by circulating hot water through a soft mattress pad.
Includes Water Heater and Mattress Pad (4 sizes available).
Precise temperature and runtime control give you full control over your comfort.
Noise-cancelling pump system ensures silent nighttime operation and peaceful sleep.

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