Shopx7 Beauty Personal Care Ingrown Hair Treatment by Penchant Bare – The Best Solution for Bikini and Razor Bumps from waxing, Shaving, and Hair Removal


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What is one of the top reasons people don’t want to shave or wax? If you answered painful and embarrassing ingrown hairs and razor bumps, YOU’RE NOT ALONE. There’s nothing worse than putting effort into waxing or shaving only to have your skin get horribly irritated, derailing all of your hard work. START LOVING YOUR SKIN AGAIN!

Penchant Bare Benefits:
– The most effective treatment for preventing painful razor burn and ingrown hairs. Our customers swear by it.
– Can be used after waxing, shaving, electrolysis, and laser hair removal
– Works fast and has a natural, botanical approach to soothe and smooth your skin. Many people see results overnight.
– Works for men and women AT ANY AGE and on ANY PART OF YOUR BODY – face, legs, underarms, bikini zone and more!
– Long-lasting twist-top design so you can apply with no mess or waste.

With Penchant Bare, you can STOP THE FRUSTRATION and START LOVING YOUR SKIN AGAIN! We’ve discovered the perfect ingrown hair treatment of natural, incredibly effective ingredients that deliver smooth skin and quick results. Upon applying, our hard-working serum gets to work destroying harmful bacteria which cause breakouts. With our elegant pump design, applying Penchant Bare gets rid of waste and actually lasts longer than some 8 oz liquid bottles. There’s no gimmick here – just an easy confidence boost to millions suffering from pseudofolliculitis barbae. If you’ve been waiting for a solution, Penchant Bare is the GAME-CHANGER you’ve been looking for.

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PS: Our Promise to You- When you purchase from Penchant, you’ll get our 100% Satisfaction, 30 Day ‘BEST SKIN SERUM PROMISE’. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Never waste money on inferior products again.INGROWN HAIR TREATMENT – Packed with the natural power of witch hazel for easy clean & clear skin
ONE MONTH SUPPLY – Use treatment after hair removal on face, arms, legs, bikini zone, and more!
RAZOR BUMPS SOLUTION – Calming ingredients remove redness & irritation to restore balance after shave
QUICK RESULTS – Elegant design helps apply serum exactly where you need it with no waste
SMELLS AND FEELS GREAT – Love it or send it back risk-free for 30 days. Our customers agree it’s amazing!

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