Shopx7 Beauty Personal Care Callus Performance – The Ultimate Callus Remover for Crossfit Athletes and high Friction Hand use. l Remove unwanted Calluses I Prevents Ripping and Tearing of Hands I


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Callus Performance Product Overview

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Give the gift of great hand care and preventative maintenance for yourself and your workout friends.
Avoid those painful ripped or torn hands due to high friction on your calluses.

Created in the USA by athletes for athletes.

Great for all athletes and for those generally rough with their hands due to overwork or labor.

Perfect for Crossfit, Rope Climbing, Gymnastics, Rowing, Rock Climbing, Calisthenics, Pole Dancing, BodyBuilding and much more.

Works great for callused feet, toes heels and elbows too.

Unique patent pending design with new blade technology allows for access into hard to reach areas around the callus or dry rough spot for better control in the shaving process.

Durable emery board at the opposite end of the tool allows for the fine smoothing of the Callus or dry rough spot.

Callus Performance tool eliminates the fear of shaving too much of the callus or dry area and causing pain as it’s a manual tool and allows the most control in maintenance of your hands and feet.

Very little pressure is needed to get the job done!✅ Callus Remover – WOD Crossfit Callus Remover Tool for Dry and Callused Hands.
✅ PREVENT RIPT & TORN HANDS DUE TO HAND FRICTION! – Ript Hands Should Not Happen To You. Do Not Miss Another Workout From Painful Torn Calluses Again.
✅ HIT THOSE HARD TO REACH AREAS – A Callus has tough to reach edges. Our Design Allows Ease For Fine Tuning The Callus And Shaving It Away To Dust. Remove Just The Right Amount Of Callus And Continue Daily Until Smooth.
✅ KEEP YOUR HANDS HEALTHY AND SANITARY! – Don’t let your athletic performance Or Hygiene suffer due to injury. Our Tool Is An Absolute Necessity For Your Gym Bag.
✅ NO MORE NEED TO HEAL YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU CAN WORKOUT AGAIN! – Be Proactive Like You Are With Your Workouts. Regular Hand Maintenance With Our Tool Will Help You Keep Lifting And Keep Gaining.

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