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About Us
Recognized leader in the field of natural medicine.
Bio-Botanical Research, Inc. was founded in 1987 in response to the needs of physicians addressing opportunistic infections. The following year, Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories (now Genova) was sent a sample of Biocidin by a physician and had it tested for sensitivity against bacteria and yeast species. They found that Biocidin was the most powerful inhibitor of pathogenic organisms that they had tested, and that it was equal or more effective than traditional therapies. They began to refer physicians, and soon many practitioners across the country were reporting outstanding clinical results.

In response to health care practitioners continued request for effective solutions to address problems associated with intestinal ecology, immune system disregulation and detoxification, a selection of companion products were developed. Today, over 27 years later, Bio-Botanical Research, Inc. is recognized as a leader in the field of natural medicine.

Founding director Dr. Rachel Fresco L. Ac., Ph. D. continues to use her extensive background in medical herbology, functional medicine and clinical nutrition to develop innovative specialty products for health professional use. Dr. Fresco is a popular speaker on the topic of biofilms, microbiome balance, and systemic microbial challenges.WHAT IS IT: Dentalcidin LS is an oral rinse that fights plaque, balances oral ecology, freshens breath, and tastes great!
HOW IT WORKS: Co Q10 and Quercetin support oral tissues, help reduce inflammation and speed repair, while broad-spectrum botanicals and essential oils like clove and myrrh fight biofilms, plaque, and mouth odors
NO ADDITIVES: Dentalcidin LS has no sugar, gluten, fluoride, artificial flavorings or colors
PROVEN RESULTS: Research indicates results in as little as 4-8 weeks of use!
SUGGESTED USE: Swish using 2 pumps for 1-2 minutes, then expel; Use 2-3 times per day after brushing with Dentalcidin Toothpaste for a complete program and ongoing maintenance

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