Mask | Yadianna Eye Massager Graphene Hot Eye Care Eye Massager Hot Massage Relieve Soothing Eye Sore Student Eye Massager Classic ,Stylish appearance (Color : Gray)


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1, 6 intelligent circulation-type alternating airbags covering temples, Qingming points, silk bamboo cavities, fully wrapped 60Kpa aerodynamic squeezing and kneading, soothing eye fatigue is more in place, so that your eye muscles are no longer tight and effective soothing Visual fatigue.
2. Using graphene safe heating material, 40 ° C constant temperature hot compress experience like a hot towel, which increases the hot compress area by more than 60% compared with traditional eye massagers.
3 or 3 modes can be switched with one button to meet different eye massage needs. 1100mAh large battery and large battery life, 2 hours of continuous massage, 300+ charge and discharge.
4. The outer layer of the whole machine is made of stretch fabric, which is resistant to dirt, has good touch, and has a stylish appearance. The inner layer is made of high-end earphone protein leather, which is soft and skin-friendly, wear-resistant and easy to clean, bringing you a clean and comfortable eye massage experience.
5. The maximum turning angle is 180 °, which can be folded in half. It is only the size of a mobile phone after being folded. It can be easily put into a handbag, backpack, etc. Can carry on high-speed rail, plane, etc.

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