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The nano-bio light of the mask penetrates the skin layer of 3.7-3.9 mm, activates the cell growth of the collagen in the fascia layer, enables the skin to easily absorb moisture, and diminishes the fine lines to achieve the effect of whitening the skin.
5-speed controllable current, the ions generated by the micro-current can penetrate deep into the skin, replenish skin moisture to restore moisture, smoothness, tenderness, and micro-current to make the ionization stimulation deep into the subcutaneous tissue to the muscles, helping to repair the skin elastic fibers and gums. Layer tissue helps nutrients such as facial masks and creams to be absorbed more easily by the face.
Aerobic and skin rejuvenation, the nozzle can be adjusted by self-adjusting the nutrient output by inserting the nozzle of the portable oxygen cylinder (the instrument is equipped with an oxygen cylinder and a nozzle as standard).
LED chip, large output capacity, 360 ° no blind spot LED light can penetrate the film layer, the beauty effect is better.
LED mode: red light + infrared 630nm + 830nm; blue light + infrared light 425nm + 830nm; red light + blue light + infrared light 630nm + 415nm + 830nm.

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