Mask | Facial Skin Care Treatment Machine Facial Toning Wrinkle Remove LED Mask – Blue Red Yellow Green Photon Light


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1. Ultrasound HIF probe power increases by 1J/cm2, radio frequency probe power plus J/cm2, frequency plus 4Hz, dual-core propulsion system, host rated power increases by 6M, more quickly and effectively to maximize the pulling force.
2. With powerful processors and perfect touch-button system, the power is not jammed at all. It can respond to your instructions immediately, and the multi-function processing is more than enough.
3. Red light can activate the skin glands deep in the skin, blue light can activate the keratin on the skin surface to regulate the state of the skin and kill the Propionibacterium on the skin surface. Yellow light can help the skin regeneration, green light can alleviate the pigmentation significantly.
4.Eight main effects to relieve and/or improve rough or fine wrinkles, promote collagen and elastin production, promote cosmetic absorption, prevent skin peeling, alleviate pox marks, improve skin color, make skin feel smoother, reduce skin winking and small pore Skin cosmetic effect of LED light
5.Cells and tissues have the characteristic of absorbing only intrinsic wavelength light. Wavelengths that penetrate different cells or tissues can be selected according to different purposes.

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