Mask | Chest Massager,Female Breast Massage,Shaping Beauty Instrument,Scraping Cupping/Back Lift/Body Tightening,Beauty Equipment


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Price: $287.76
(as of May 21,2020 01:19:00 UTC – Details)

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Made of high-quality materials, environmentally friendly, safe, toxic, and safe for the skin, this breast expander can also be used to lift and firm the skin, shape the body, lose weight, dig and scratch.
Advanced negative pressure technology: Quickly improve the size and shape of your chest without causing any pain or danger to your health. It can provide you with good natural breasts after a long time of use.
Stimulates the pituitary gland to produce hormones, improves the elasticity of muscle tissue and fibers, restores the elasticity and softness of the breast, improves and develops the shape of the breasts and breasts.
Improves microcirculation, improves collagen elasticity, enhances muscle relaxation, wrinkle resistance, activates skin, removes dark circles and double chin, eliminates wrinkles and telangiectasia and manages health problems.
Suitable for use in the living room or at home, suitable for weight loss in the arms, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, chest, no side effects.

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