Mask | BXQY UV Ster-ilizer Box for Baby, Underwear, Beauty Tools – Disin-fection Bag (Color : White)


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Price: $266.57
(as of May 21,2020 08:05:49 UTC – Details)

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Sterilization with drying: automatic mode of drying and disinfection, UV disinfection + ozone sterilization + pasteurization + middle temperature drying, refuse to wet, avoid bacteria breeding again, sterilization rate is 99.9%
Intelligent door control, stop disinfection immediately after opening the lid, can protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation. 65 ± 5 ° C constant temperature drying, will not damage the clothing fiber, give you dry and comfortable underwear
7L double-layer aseptic storage: baby bottles, women’s underwear, men’s underwear, your mobilephone, masks, etc. can be sterilized and can also be used for storage
Portable and compact, does not take up space, the luggage is easily stored, and you can carry it with you on business trips and dormitories to avoid the harm of bacteria

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