Mask | BLH-YBAMY Eye Massager Charging Heat Protecting Eye Care Instrument to Dark Circle Artifact Portable Bluetooth Eye Mask 180° Foldable


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*Three-layer airbag kneading, comfortable massage is not fatigue. Circulating airbag pressure, set three-layer airbag on the eye Monday to increase the massage force to press the eye circumference position.
*Multi-frequency vibration, fatigue, soreness, sweeping light. High-frequency vibration, soothing eye muscles, eyesight, enjoy different rhythms, multi-frequency vibration massage, eye tension, muscle state.
*42 degree constant temperature: the hot area is increased by 1 time, 42 degrees Celsius is suitable for the human eye, and the temperature is hot. The area is large. Cover the eyes. It feels like a hot towel. When you wake up in the morning, you can see that your eyes are swollen or you can wear eye massage with dark circles. Device.
*Technology Graphene: Obtained Nobel’s material. Eye protector built-in graphene 3 seconds fast heat, rapid heating and uniform heat application experience upgrade, after the power can be released, suitable for the human body’s infrared light wave and broken eye microcirculation, help relieve eye fatigue.
*Bluetooth music: Listen to music to help sleep, massage the eyes with a music to help sleep, relax and fall asleep.

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