Mask | Beauty Instrument Mask Mask Introduction Frequency Conversion Massage Lifting V Face Household Skin Rejuvenation Machine


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1.Beauty effect: It can reach more than 9600 vibration frequencies per minute, penetrate into the skin, speed up circulation, keep the facial skin active, keep using it, and improve the skin texture and become soft and elastic. Daily facial muscles need to be massaged. The mask instrument just solves these problems.
2.Auxiliary effects: Use with a mask or skin care product to prevent skin nutrients from being evaporated by the air. Vibration massage speeds up the absorption of the essence by the face, which doubles the original skin care effect. Can avoid the problem of unhygienic, laborious and uneven strength caused by hand massage.
3.Face-lifting effect: Only physical therapy is used in this beauty instrument. The three face-lifting acupressure massages provide heat, burn fat safely, are not easy to rebound, and have no side effects.
4.Convenient effect: When used with the mask, it can be fixed on the face to solve the problem of traditional masks that are not convenient for activities. You can read books, cook, surf the Internet, and surfing without any obstacles.
5.Environmentally friendly material: environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-deformable, easy to clean, more flexible, not easily deformed or broken without gaps, and does not cause skin allergies Can be used with confidence.

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