Mask | 12 Pieces Ear Strap Extender Anti-Tightening Ear Cord Extension Buckle Adjustable Anti-Slip Ear Grips Extension Hook Ear Pain Relieved Accessories, 4 Colors


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Price: $14.99
(as of May 16,2020 13:02:17 UTC – Details)

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What you get: package includes 12 pieces of anti-tightening ear cord extension buckles in pink, blue, white and gray, which is what you will be looking for if you have big face and need some extension strap for face coverings, they will fit you better and make your mouth and nose in a relatively safe environment
Ear pain relieved: wearing a face covering all day can be a real pain in the ear, this is a simple adjustable ear strap extender made to improve the comfort of a face cover for long-term use, changing the way of wearing and protect your from leaving red marks
Adjustable design: each ear strap extender features 3 raised dots on each side for you to fix ear strap and adjust the size, suitable for everyone, including kids as it can be adjusted to fit their smaller heads, can effectively alleviate sores on the back of ears
Comfortable to wear: our ear strap extenders are made with soft and comfortable TPU material that is somewhat flexible and not brittle, soft and comfortable to wear, and won’t cause any discomforts to your ear and skin, ideal for healthcare workers who need to wear them for long periods of time
Easy to use: just attach the raised dot on the extender to your ear strap loop on one side, then use another side of raised dot on the ear cord extension buckle to attach to your ear hook loops on the another side for a snug fit, convenient and practical

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