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1.Horses have a close relationship with art. There are deer in murals, paintings and sculptures. For example, the knights of the Han Dynasty opened fire and the horses were pressed against the Buddha; the Shang Dynasty Baihe discovered the rock generation of the commercial generation.
2. It is necessary to prevent harmful chemicals such as acids, oils, chlorides, etc. from being controlled by copper. Wear cotton gloves when moving copper artwork. Do not touch it directly with your hands to avoid being eroded by sweat on your hands. It also does not apply to oily paper or boxes.
3. Use a soft, soft cloth to clean the dust on the copper artwork. Dust that requires special care (easy to tear) should be vacuum brushed or vacuumed or blown dry using a vacuum cleaner. Go to the dust.
4. Copper products must be protected from mechanical damage and should not collide with each other. Don’t stack the king’s code. Careful and fragile copper artwork must be carefully maintained.
5. Convinced that the creative design concept will bring consumers a new consumer experience upgrade. Based on the originality of the design, we will cut into the concept from the starting point of product design, bringing consumers a better product experience.

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