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Price: $12.99
(as of May 23,2020 18:02:19 UTC – Details)

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Party Drink Cup Made with food grade PVC, suitable for filling soda, jello, cocktail, juice, alcohol, etc. Perfect as Halloween decoration, nursing school graduation party cups and other carnival, holiday or parade surprise cup
Comes with a tube, convenient for both filling and drinking. Jello shot syringe is provided to help filling the bags with ease
Reusable: You can simply rinse these Reusable Blood Bag Drink Containers with soap and water, leave them to air dry and they will be ready for refilling for your next spooky soiree
Blood bag Containers comes with a pre-stamped hole in the top for convenient hooking onto any table decoration, IV drip apparatus or Halloween party structure to serve your guests in a uniquely entertaining manner
The customizable label has blood type A, B, AB, O and RH. It has a fill in box and can write in your own preferred blood type, for example, Vampire, Alien or Zombie. The possibilities are endless!

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