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Price: $467.77
(as of May 22,2020 14:42:18 UTC – Details)

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★ ADVANTAGE:The barbecue iron plate is convenient to place, does not slide, and can be used with ease. The iron plate can be placed on the opposite side of the iron plate and can be placed in the corresponding slot.
★ FEATURE:The iron plate absorbs heat evenly to conduct food, and the hollow place directly absorbs the heat of the charcoal fire, does not destroy the barbecue protein, and exerts the fresh taste of the food.
★ MATERIAL:100% Pig iron is pure and free of impurities, and it is iron-filled for the body. It is made of pure pig iron and has a long service life.
★ USE:Adjustable damper to control the size of firepower, can take the hinge design, easy to add, remove charcoal, pure cast iron casting, no coating for barbecue, excellent choice.
★ DESIGN:During the heating process, the iron plate will overflow the iron and fuse with the food and fat, and then be absorbed by the food to compensate the body for the necessary iron, especially for women.

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