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Configuration: For Arduino MEGA development board, support camera line, remote desktop. Support camera line, remote desktop 2 Degree of Freedom Control: Through the mobilephone video or computer mouse, it can flexibly control the rotation of the cradle head, freely follow the control angle, giving you a different visual experience
New Type Camera: New type Gen.2 high-definition camera, using new high-definition camera, 720P resolution, 1 million high-definition picture quality, large-size CMOS, compared with Gen.1 of cameras, the viewing angle has increased by more than 50%, with a clearer picture ,Real-time Video Image Transmission: Connect XRbot-Link WIFI video transmission module and camera through WIFI, you can transfer the captured image of the camera to the mobilephone or PC in real time, realize the first person p
Robotic Arm: Four-degree-of-freedom arm that simulates the design of the human arm. The steering gear has the function of anti-locking, more freedom and flexibility, which will bring you more fun,Sturdy Chassis: All-metal stainless steel, thick multi-function chassis, five pairs of load-bearing wheels and track, solid, equipped with multi-function interface, reserved for a variety of circuit mounting holes, compatible with the installation of a variety of robotic electronic equipment (Arduino/51
High-power Motor: 12V with geared motor, can withstand 6kg weight, providing continuous power for the robot,Powerful Software Control: 360° all-round monitoring, comprehensive observation of car dynamics, display data collected by sensors,Support 3 Programming Languages: C/Pythin/Scratch, where Scratch is a programming tool for children, easy to understand, easy to learn code
Technology Support: Provide a series of teaching video materials, supported by professional technicians from assembly to training robots,This product is suitable for people over 14 years old

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